Notes from Nov 13 meeting:

A signature page for documenting meeting hours was circulated to the 15-20 people attending
All attendees were made aware of volunteer time log sheets available outside the Clerk’s office–IMPORTANT! Track your time!

Josh Soper, Garfield County Fire Warden:

  • The property self-assessment form is being put on the URAP website and residents will be able to assess their properties using a mobile phone or tablet. He will let us know when it is ready to use. A training session to use the program may be part of the Community Day activities.
  • is a website where residents can get information on fire preparedness.
  • The hourly rate for labor is $24.60. The rate for people using heavy equipment is higher and Josh will get those numbers. He reminded everyone that purchases of chainsaws are also eligible expenditures.
  • The Town’s match for fire protection is around $2,300 per year.
  • Grants will become available after the first of the year. Jennifer Hansen is the coordinator for grants.

Community Discussion

  • Peter presented copies of the agreement between Forest Service and Boulder Farmstead Water Company and the overview of Garkane’s efforts to create defensible space for powerlines
  • Proposed Community Information Day – March 23
  • Chipfest Day –  May 4 or 11?
  • ( Peter will contact Josh to see if these dates work)
  • Residents can pile limbs at the landfill. There would need to be some sorting of what can be chipped and what should go in the burn pit.
  • Question of whether the UDOT yard on the west side of town could be used to pile limbs. UDOT would need to be contacted.
  • Could residents make piles along the road so a mobile chipper and truck could work their way around town?
  • A formal proposal could be made to the town council to allow mid-week dumping of chippable material. The town would need to pay for an attendant to be present.

Peter will work with Josh to set dates for the Community Day and Chipfest. No other specific assignments were made.