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Planning Commission Opportunity!

By September 14, 2021 No Comments

Boulder Town Planning Commission has a vacancy to fill. This is a great opportunity for Boulder residents* to learn about their town, get training in land use decision-making, and make a positive impact on Boulder’s future.

Job Description for Planning Commissioners:

  • Attend the regular monthly meetings and participate in additional work meetings or training sessions as required.
  • Work with other Planning Commissioners to arrive at fact-based, reasoned, and researched decisions on:
    • Conditional Use Permit applications.
    • Subdivision application recommendations to Town Council.
    • Land use-related Ordinance, Zoning, or General Plan amendments

All commissioners need to send/receive email, file attachments, and be able to use the internet to connect to Zoom and to do research. Occasional out-of-town travel to training or conferences is offered, but optional

Curious? Contact PC Clerk Peg Smith,  or 335-7481.

To apply, submit your name in writing to Mayor Steve Cox or Town Clerk Judi Davis, no later than Monday, October 4 and plan to attend the next Town Council meeting Thursday, Oct 7 to present your application to the Council.

A full Planning Commission term is for 5 years. This opening is to fill a resignation. That term started 12/31/20 and runs through 12/31/2025., at which time the appointee would be eligible for reappointment to another own full term.

Applicants are appointed by the mayor, with the advice and consent of town council.

* Planning Commissioners must be Boulder Town residents.