During January 2011, residents and owners of property within the 84716 zipcode— Boulder Town, Salt Gulch, Burr Trail Farm (the Draw), Black Boulder Mesa, and Deer Creek— were asked to complete a survey sponsored by the Boulder Town Planning Commission.

The six-page questionnaire asked respondents for a wide range of their opinions: their ratings of town facilities and services, suggestions for handling housing and jobs, even describing what conditions would cause them to leave. Nearly 140 individuals completed their surveys, almost 3/4 of whom are full-time Boulder area residents.  The truly amazing thing to witness was the thoughtfulness and detail provided in many of the responses. Some individuals even attached typewritten pages to the questionnaire to supply the detail they wanted to express. The clerk captured every written comment from every questionnaire, verbatim.

Planning Commission members coded the open-ended responses and input the raw data onto an Excel spreadsheet.  Justin Fischer, Community Planner with Five County Association of Governments, provided the data tabulation. At this time, the survey can be analyzed in total, by area of residence, and by age (seniors only right now). You can see the raw numbers and corresponding charts on the Excel spreadsheet file listed below.

The questionnaire itself, along with the total percentages (aggregated from all areas) are in the pdf file listed below.

A Powerpoint presentation shown to residents on January 17, 2012 is available upon request. (File too large to upload here.)