Archived Ordinances

For links to pre-2021 ordinances, see Past Archives link at the bottom of the page. Note: archived ordinances are for historical purposes only and may be invalid or updated in the codified version.

Boulder Town’s official ordinances are now codified and online via American Legal Publishing (see link below). Any previous hard copies or references to other than the codified version are out of date and inapplicable. Be sure you’re referring only to the codified version, accessed through the American Legal URL, whenever you are trying to refer to town ordinances.

Boulder Town Ordinances

The following link takes you to the American Legal website, site of Boulder Town ordinances:

To learn how to navigate the codified ordinances, search for specific references, save bookmarks, annotate sections, or set up your personal account, please click on the “play” button of the training video below:

Approved Ordinances Pending Codification

Ordinances listed below have been approved by the Town Council and are actively in force. However, they have not yet been included in the codified ordinances.