Boulder Planning Commission, Notice of Public Hearing

The Boulder Town Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, November 14, at 6:00 p.m., in the Boulder Community Center Meeting Room, 351 No 100 East, Boulder, UT, to hear comments on an application for a Conditional Use Permit to operate a Residential Short-Term Rental (RSTR) in the Fuller/Fogel residence in Lower Boulder.

The public is welcome to attend the hearings or submit comments in writing to Peg Smith, at

Please note time change in Planning Commission meetings. Meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m.


Old Business:

  • Approve October minutes

New Business:

  • Initial public comments
  • Public Hearing: Fuller/Fogel Residential Short-Term Rental CUP application
  • Discussion and vote on Fuller/Fogel RSTR CUP application
  • Initial review of Julian RSTR CUP application
  • Conceptual Plan, Fox Grove Subdivision amendment
  • Conceptual Plan, Sugarloaf Farm Subdivision
  • Sect 11 (Building Permit) Amendment to Zoning Ordinance
  • Continue discussion on Zoning Ordinance, Table of Uses
  • Final public comments
  • Upcoming business for December 12 meeting