Fire Restrictions, Boulder Town July 2020 ūüóď

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             WHEREAS, fire danger is extremely high in the State of Utah and Boulder area; and

             WHEREAS, fireworks have been banned in many municipalities throughout the state and in all unincorporated areas; and

WHEREAS, Boulder Town desires to help protect the community against fire danger as much as possible and enacts this ordinance pursuant to Utah State law,

             NOW THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Boulder Town Council as follows:


  1.  It shall be unlawful to discharge or use any kind of fireworks, pyrotechnic devices, or tracer ammunition within the town of Boulder. Each separate firework or device used will constitute a separate offense.
  2. Open fires are allowed so long as they are confined to an improved stone or metal-lined fire pit or if pre-approved by the Town Council and directly supervised by the Boulder Fire Department. Otherwise, open fires are not allowed.
  3.  It shall be unlawful to smoke outdoors in Boulder Town except on a surface cleared of vegetation or other flammable material.
  4. Each offense shall constitute a Class B Misdemeanor.
  5. This ordinance shall take effect immediately.
  6. Unless renewed or repealed, this ordinance will expire October 1, 2020.

APPROVED and PASSED this _18    day of    June   , 2020.

ATTEST:                                                       BOULDER TOWN

__/s/ Judith Davis______________   ____/s/ Steven Cox_______________________________

Judith Davis, Town Clerk                               Steven Cox, Mayor


Steven Cox, Mayor                             _____Yes________

Gladys LeFevre, Councilwoman        _____Yes________

Judy Drain, Councilwoman                _____Yes________

Elizabeth Julian, Councilwoman        _____Yes________

Conrad Jepsen, Councilman               _____Absent_____

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