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Town Council Agenda February 6, 2020

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Notice is hereby given that the regular meeting of
the Boulder Town Council will be held Thursday,
February 6, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in the Community
Center. The agenda shall be as follows:
– Pledge of Allegiance
– Approve minutes of December 5 and January 2 meetings
– Presentations by
– Falyn Owens, Executive Director, Garfield County
Office of Tourism
– Kaden Figiins, Garfield County Planner/Economic
Development Director
– Discussion of EMT Training Incentive Policy and
– Open and Amend 2019-2020 Budget
– Department Reports
– Cemetery, Buildings, Travel Council
– Planning Commission, Roads
– Enforcement, Landfill, Grounds, Park Committee
– EMS, Arts Council, Fire Council, Library Board
– Mayor
– Clerks
– Public Comments
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Agenda Posted by Judith Davis, Town Clerk