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Town Council Meeting December 3,2020 7:00pm

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Notice and Agenda


Notice is hereby given that the regular meeting of the Boulder Town Council will be held Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Due to health guidelines, the meeting will be held electronically. Instructions on participating in the meeting can be found at, on the Town bulletin boards, or at the bottom of this Notice. The agenda shall be as follows:

  •  Pledge of allegiance
  •  Approve minutes of November 5 meeting and November 19 special meeting
  •  Reappoint Cookie Schaus to Planning Commission
  •  Reappoint Ray Gardner to Board of Adjustment and advertise two vacancies
  •  2020-2021 Budget update
  • Update on CARES Act funding
  • Request for additional CARES Act funding for Circle Cliffs Motel – Corry Johnson
  • Discussion of Audit Report and Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Discussion of Anasazi State Park parking lot redesign
  • Department Reports
    • Cemetery, Buildings, and Travel Council
    • Planning Commission, Roads, Garfield County PC
    • Enforcement, Landfill, Grounds and Park Committee
    • EMS, Fire Council, Library Board, Arts Council and GCSD
    • Mayor
    • Clerks – Approval of Checks Issued for November
  • Public Comments

AGENDA: 12_3_2020 TC Agenda

Mayor Determine Electronic Meeting 12-2020

ZOOM INFO: 12_3_2020 TC Zoom Info

MINUTES: 12_3_2020 TC Minutes