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Town Council Minutes January 2, 2020

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January 2, 2020 Town Council Meeting
Meeting began at 7:00 p.m.
Council present: Steve Cox; Mayor, Elizabeth Julian, Judy Drain, Conrad Jepsen; Council members, Judi
Davis, Michala Alldredge; Town Clerks
Council excused: Gladys LeFevre
Public present: Peter Benson, Troy Julian, Tessa Barkan, Jace Allen, Peg Smith, Ashley Coombs,
Colleen Thompson, Cheryl Cox
Pledge of Allegiance
Approve the minutes for December 5th meeting:
The minutes for the December 2019 meeting were not received by email so they will be approved in the
February meeting with January meeting minutes.
Swearing in of newly elected Town Council (TC) members:
Judi administered the oath to swear in new Town Council TC members Judy Drain and Elizabeth Julian.
Assignment of Departments and Committees/Boards responsibilities for Council members:
Mayor Cox assigned Departments and Committees/Boards responsibilities for the Council members as
Gladys-Cemeteries and Buildings (Community Center, Post Office, Firehouse, Park Restroom and Free
Box), Cemetery Board and Travel Council
Conrad-Enforcement, Landfill, Park and Town Grounds and Park Committee
Judy-Planning Commission (PC), Roads and Garfield County Planning Commission. Mayor Cox also
asked her to join the working group looking at the Table of Uses and clarifying definitions in the Boulder
Town General Plan.
Elizabeth-EMS (EMTs and Fire Department), Arts Council, Fire Council and Library Board. Mayor Cox
stated that Peter Bensen has agreed to continue as chairperson of the Fire Council.
Mayor Cox- Tree Board and (ERWP)
He asked the TC members to meet with their respective boards and groups in the next two to three
months and identify needs and/or wants from the TC regarding budget items, then report back to TC after
they have met.
Mayor Cox also listed all the town appointments and employees.
Set 2020 schedule for Town Council meetings:
It was decided that the Town Council meeting would continue to meet on the first Thursday of the month
at 7:00 p.m. Judy made a motion to continue as such, Elizabeth seconded the motion and all approved.
Open Meetings training:
Judi read the Open Meetings section from the state of Utah Code 52-4 as an annual refresher.
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Adoption of Nepotism Resolution 2020-1:
In an annual audit of Boulders finances in December 2019 the auditor informed us that the TC needed to
update and adopt a nepotism resolution each time a new council member is elected. Mayor Cox read an
Adoption of Nepotism Resolution, Chapter 3 of title 52 of the Utah state code. He then stated that he
would entertain a motion to adopt Resolution 2020-1 Nepotism Policy, Judy made a motion to adopt
2020-1, Conrad seconded it and all approved.
Roll call vote:
Conrad Jepsen-Yes
Judy Drain-Yes
Elizabeth Julian-Yes
Steve Cox-Yes
Gladys LeFevre-Absent
Review of the budget and update of Capital Improvement list:
Mayor Cox reported that during the annual Boulder audit in December of 2019, the auditors found
$80,978.00 excess in the town budget, so the TC needs to open and amend the budget and there needs
to be a public hearing in order to do so. Mayor Cox stated that prior to February’s TC meeting there will
be a public hearing to open and amend the excess budget dollars. He asked the TC members to go
through the budget before the next meeting in preparation to amend it. He stated that they could
appropriate the entire excess amount towards the Capital Improvements list. He added that the money
just needs to be allocated and not necessarily spent. He asked the TC members to get familiar with
looking at the budget and to identify where they would like to put the excess money. He suggested that
the excess money would probably be best appropriated in Capital Improvements. He stated that Judi
needs to get the Capital Improvements list to Five County Association of Governments (FCAG) by
January 7th, 2020. He stated that he doesn’t see any one year items this year. He explained that one
year items listed indicate that the town is ready to move forward on that item, by putting forth a certain
amount of funding and identifying whether the Community Impact Fund Board (CIB), the Community
Block Development Grant (CBDG) or any other grants contain money to match. Whereas, items on the
two-five year items listed indicate projects the town hopes to move forward on in two-five years. He
encouraged the TC to offer any suggestions for one year items they could think of. He then explained that
the two-five year items move to the one year list when the town is ready to move forward on them. He
then discussed items to be added to the two-five year list. The first item was to put in a parking lot and
replace the playground on the north side of the Community Center building. He added that this item has
been on the list for quite a while and he would like to add it again and make it a first priority item. The
second item on the list was a walking trail between Hills & Hollows Market and the Boulder Town park. He
stated that there are two parts to that item, furthering that the town needs to have an engineering study
done to have a better idea of what it will cost to implement. He added that two engineers with Jones &
DeMille Engineering are coming to Boulder on January 7, 2020 to put together a package with an
estimated cost to complete both of the projects. Then they will come back with more detailed costs. He
asked if anyone else had any list items. Elizabeth asked if this was the time to list goods as well as
services, specifically about purchasing a service van for senior citizens. Mayor Cox replied that yes, this is
the time to discuss or add these types of items. He continued that he spoke with FCAG about purchasing
a town van, and it was determined that it was tricky because of insurance. He furthered that FCAG
suggested working through them to get a van. He tried and it ended up going nowhere. He wouldn’t
suggest listing it, stating that the town should go through
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FCAG so they own and cover the vehicle as part of a fleet. He stated that these major purchases are
things to present to CIB to see if they will contribute a grant or loan towards the project or item. Elizabeth
asked about if this was how Boulder was able to purchase new firefighting gear. Mayor Cox replied yes,
the town had matching money but Garfield County went ahead and paid for all of the gear. He added that
the Community Center remodel and installation of restrooms at the town park were both funded in part by
putting it on our Capital Improvements list and obtaining grant and loan money through CIB. He furthered
that for big projects this is the realistic way to get them accomplished. He then suggested that the trail is a
good project item to keep listed and start thinking about the money designated to the project. He stated
that for the paperwork for FCAG the amount doesn’t need to be exact at this point, it needs to be a good
estimate based on what we think we will need and what we can contribute. So for this project we have the
estimate listed as $200,000 with the town match of $50,000 so that the project is on their radar and we
could potentially move forward next year. He continued that Jones & DeMille will conduct an engineering
study, then put together a plan and present it to CIB on the town’s behalf. He discussed listing $100,000
for a walking trail with a town match of $20,000. Judy inquired about what determines whether or not they
give a loan or grant. Mayor Cox replied that it is complicated and is based on a number of factors,
including fund dollars that are available and what everyone else has applied for. He cited Boulder
receiving grant money for the town park restrooms because it was a public safety issue. He furthered with
other factors that determine receiving grant or loan funds. He added that Boulder hasn’t asked for
grant/loan money very often or for very much and he believes that helps us. Elizabeth made a motion to
update our Capital Improvements list with two projects added to the two-five year section; the installation
of a parking lot and playground on the north side of the community center at $200,000 with a town match
of $50,000 and a multi-use trail engineering study at $100,000 with a town match of $20,000. Judy
seconded the motion and all approved.
Discussion of the EMS Training Incentive Program:
Peter presented a proposal to provide EMS (firefighter and EMT) volunteer personnel with a bonus after
three years of remaining on the squad. He proposed that Boulder draw up a contract for new EMS
personnel to sign stating that the volunteer agrees to remain on the Fire or EMT squad for a period of
three years. The town will continue to pay for travel and training expenses and will also pay the volunteer
a bonus upon completion of certification. After fulfilling three years on the fire or EMT squad the volunteer
would then be eligible to apply for an additional bonus from the TC. The amount of the proposed bonuses
would be $500. The discussion segued to budgeting and hiring someone to keep records for the fire
squad and EMT’s. Peter estimated that the position would probably be around ten hours per week, that
some weeks are busier than others. Elizabeth suggested that the TC budget to pay each squad to
practice emergency scenarios, perhaps 4-6 hours per month for additional training and to assist with
maintaining their certification. She suggested that each squad could meet separately or collaboratively
and that the town could bring training personnel to Boulder to continue the education and training of our
EMS volunteers. She would like to see the TC set money aside to use for this type of thing. She stated
that taking 6 hours of training is a big commitment but if the volunteers could be paid for their time training
then it could potentially be rewarding for both the town and the volunteers. Mayor Cox agreed that it
would be an easy process because the town already has money budgeted for EMS personnel training.
Elizabeth suggested that for future budgeted dollars it be changed from fire squad to all EMS training.
Peter stated that someone from the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) is coming February 5th to do
training for the fire squad. Mayor Cox asked if Peter had an update on winter fire school. Peter replied
that it will be the last weekend in January. Mayor Cox stated that he will contact the town attorney, Mark
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McIff, about writing a contract for new EMS volunteers. He then stated that he liked the idea of giving
volunteers an immediate portion of the bonus upon completion of training and certification and then after
3 years the volunteer is eligible to apply to TC for the remaining portion of/or an additional bonus. Conrad
suggested that personnel be eligible to apply for a bonus every 3 years. Elizabeth supports the idea of
combined squad training in house for some of the EMS training. She mentioned that wording about squad
size could be added. Mayor Cox asked Elizabeth to summarize and draft a policy about what was
discussed so he can present it to Mark McIff to draft a contract. He also asked that the agreements that
the TC come up with regarding providing bonuses be stated in the minutes for reference later. Elizabeth
asked if the TC will look at a separate stipend for the existing certified EMS personnel. Discussion will be
continued in February’s meeting.
Department Reports:
Roads and Landfill:
Judy didn’t have anything to report.
Enforcement, Grounds, Park Committee:
Conrad had nothing new to report. He is still waiting on an estimate to replace the planters in front of the
Community Center.
Planning, EMS, Arts Council,:
Peter reported that the PC is still in discussions on the Table of Uses in the General Plan. He also
reported that there is a new, beautiful show going on in the Community Center. Cheryl stated that the
show is of photographs taken by Utah artists on trips to Cuba and will be followed by another photography
show of the Utah State Fair, in March 2020.
Cemetery, Building, Travel Council:
Gladys was not here to report. Jace said things are going well with the building.
Mayor Cox reported that he will be meeting with Jones & DeMille Engineering on January, 7th, 2020 to
walk the area around the community center to discuss installation of a new parking lot and playground.
He extended an invitation for anyone to join the meeting especially if they have any suggestions or ideas
about the project. He reported that Kaden Figgins and Falyn Owens will be at the February TC meeting to
give a year end update. He stated that there will be a public hearing at 6:45 p.m., prior to the February 6th
TC meeting to open and amend the budget. He reported that he, Judi and Michala will be meeting with a
representative from Pelorus, a company that provides training in software for budget tracking and
bookkeeping on January 23rd, 2020 at noon. He stated that he supports letting the clerks
determine/decide what level they need to fund the program and training, within the budget outlined by the
TC. He proposed that if Pelorus needs an agreement that the TC give them the freedom to allow the
clerks to go ahead and do it. He added that because the funding has been allocated in the budget it is
probably not necessary to make a motion to do so.
Judi presented November and December 2019 checks for approval. Judy made a motion to accept the
checks issued in November and December of 2019, Elizabeth seconded the motion and all approved.
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Public Comments:
Ashley Coombs stated that frequently people turn too wide into the oncoming lanes on the turn/bend by
Barschs and Ryans on Lower Boulder road and he has been close to being hit. Mayor Cox stated that he
agrees that it is a bad spot. Judy will check it out. She suggested putting up a sign. Elizabeth suggested
talking to the person/people that nearly hit him. Mayor Cox added that TC will follow up because it is an
important, safety issue. Peg Smith added that the curve by the Stouts has a similar issue and that part of
the problem is that the shrubbery gets overgrown making it hard to see oncoming traffic. She suggested
keeping the shrubbery trimmed to minimize visibility issues on the curve by the Stouts home. She added
that tying in to the multi-use trail discussed earlier, perhaps Jones & DeMille Eng. can look at whether it
would be feasible to put some type of walking trail from Boulder Elementary school to the Burr Trail Road,
connect the Burr Trail to Highway 12 and then connect to a trail near Hills & Hollows Market. She
suggested it might be part of a huge, multi-phased package that could be in part funded by applying for a
grant from a statewide recreation grant. She also asked Mayor Cox to ask Kaden and Falyn before hand
to come prepared to present on Transient Room Tax (TRT) money collected from Boulder. He replied that
he would email them to prepare them for the question. Conrad asked a question about accessing the
property by the dump to be part of the multi-use trail. Peter Benson mentioned that the town snow
removal has been really slow to get plowed, especially in front of the fire house. Conrad stated that Corry
had problems with the town UTV stalling. Mayor Cox asked Conrad to talk to Corry about the details and
if the UTV is not working then we need to contact Jorgensons about getting it fixed.
Mayor Cox thanked Peter Benson for his service on the TC, with the fire squad, and the PC. He
presented him with a gift from the TC and Boulder town.
Conrad made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Judy seconded the motion and all agreed to adjourn at
8:45 p.m.