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Board of Adjustment Position Open

By December 13, 2023 No Comments

Two Board of Adjustment appointments are open:

  • A full, 5-year term beginning January 2024, ending January 2029
  • A one-year term, filling out Ray Gardner’s position, ending January 2025

The Board of Adjustment is responsible for hearing applications for variances and certain land use appeals. The Board meets annually, at a minimum, or as needed to conduct business.

Requirements are access to a computer for occasional emails and attachments, along with the ability to read documents, access and evaluate ordinance requirements, think logically, and communicate clearly.

The appointments will be made at the January 4, 2024 Town Council meeting. Appointees will need to attend the January 16 meeting, 7:00pm, to review Open Meetings Training and set the 2024 meeting schedule.

Please submit your application in writing to the Town Clerk,, no later than Monday, December 27.


If you have questions about this position, please contact BoA clerk, Peg Smith, or 335-7481.