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Town Council Regular Meeting, Nov 4, 7 p.m.

By November 1, 2021 August 17th, 2022 No Comments

The Boulder Town Council will meet in the Community Center Thursday, November 4, at 7:00 p.m. for its regular meeting.

There will be no zoom available for this meeting. It is requested that all attendees wear masks.


  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Approve Oct 7 minutes
  • Appointment to fill vacant BOA position – Jeanne Zeigler
  • Appointment of Zoning Administrator – April O’Neal
  • Discussion and Final Action on Ordinance 2021-5 Amendments to RV Parks/Campgrounds and Guest Ranches.
  • Updated 2021-22 budget review
  • Discussion of CIB/CBDG Application for 2022
  • Department Reports:
  • EMS, Fire Council, Library Board, Arts Council and GCSD
  • Cemetery, Buildings, and Travel Council
  • Planning Commission, Roads and GC Planning Commission
  • Enforcement, Landfill, Town Grounds and Park Committee, including Wilson road concerns
  • Mayor
  • Clerks – Checks issued for October
  • Public Comments

Town Council meeting minutes November 4,2021