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Planning Commission, Regular Meeting and Public Hearing, Thursday, February 8, 2024, 6pm

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Notice of Boulder Planning Commission Public Hearing


Boulder Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at their regular meeting on Thursday February 8, 2024, (Regular meeting starts at 6:00 PM.)

The hearing is to receive public comment regarding Subdivision application for 1795 S Lower Boulder Rd. Sugarload’n Acres

The meeting and hearing will be held at the Boulder Town Community Center, as well as electronically via Zoom connection. (Connection information, as well as documentation on the project will be provided on the Planning Commission web page.

Please email Town Clerk Jessica LeFevre at if you have any questions or wish to submit written comments on the topic.

2024.01.29 EJS 1795 S Lower Boulder Road Preliminary Subdivision Application


Regular Meeting 

Thursday, February 8, 2024, 6:00 pm

The Boulder Town Planning Commission will hold its regular meeting on Thursday, February 8, 2024, starting at 6:00 pm at the Boulder Community Center Meeting Room, 351 No 100 East, Boulder, UT. Zoom connection will also be available.



  1. Approve Agenda
  2. Conflict of interest 
  3. Approve January 11 minutes and work meeting February 24th
  4. Public comments on agenda items
  5. Public Hearing for preliminary subdivision located at 1795 S Lower Boulder Rd. named the Sugarloaf’n Acres
  6. PC recommendation on preliminary subdivision
  7. Staff Reports
  8. Discussion on study of alternatives for the All Users Pedestrian Path grant
  9. Discussion on moving forward on the requirements to complete recommendations to conform to SB174
  10. Review of the RV Ordinance for hearing
  11. Final public comments 
  12. Upcoming business for March 14 meeting 
  13. Adjourn 

** Supporting Document to an agenda item


Audio Recording:

Approved Meeting Minutes: 2024.02.08 PC RegularMeeting.docx

Zoom Connection:

Meeting ID: 435 335 7300

Pass-code: 84716

Phone connection, pick a number: 1 346 248 7799; 1 669 900 6833; 1 719 359 4580; 1 253 205 0468