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Planning Commission, Regular Meeting and Public Hearings, March 10, 2022, 6:00 p.m.

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Boulder Town Planning Commission will hold its regular meeting and three public hearings on Thursday, March 10, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Boulder Community Center Meeting Room and via Zoom (connection info below). If you attend in person, please wear a mask.


  • Approve agenda
  • Approve February minutes
  • Nellis discussion (approx. 6pm-7pm): Minor Subdivision;
    • Vested Rights Ordinance Public Hearing;
    • Boundary Adjustment Public Hearing
  • Discuss/take action on Vested Rights Ordinance
  • Discuss/take action on Boundary Adjustment Ordinance
  • Public Hearing on Langewell Residential Short-Term Rental Conditional Use Permit
  • Discuss/take action on Julian RSTR CUP renewal
  • Discuss Fogel/Fuller Preliminary Application for Subdivision
  • Review Action Items and April 14 Business
  • Final public comments

The first hearing concerns a proposed Vested Rights ordinance, language of which derived from Feb 10 discussion of Big SD Memo. The public interest in making this addition to the code of ordinances is that developments proceed as they were approved, with any alteration requiring approval. The landowner interest here is in being able to build without having the rules change after approval has been obtained, but before a project is complete. These needs are not properly addressed in the current code.

The second hearing concerns the proposed Boundary Adjustments ordinance, an amendment to the Subdivision ordinance clarifying the process for adjusting property boundaries.

The third hearing concerns the application for Conditional Use Permit to operate a Residential Short-Term Rental, Sarah Langewell home, Hwy 12.

Please email Planning Commission Clerk Peg Smith ( if you have questions or wish to submit written comments about the application.

Zoom Connection Info:

Meeting ID: 919 4290 6792
Passcode: 434295

Or connect by phone using any of these numbers:

1 669 900 6833;  1 253 215 8782;  1 346 248 7799;  1 929 205 6099;  1 301 715 8592;  1 312 626 6799

Meeting Materials for Public Hearings:

  1. Vested Rights ordinance
  2. Boundary Adjustments ordinance_r1
  3. CUP2022-x_Langewell RSTR: CUP2022_x_Langewell RSTR_applications; CUP2022_x_Langewell RSTR_siteplanphotos; CUP2022_x_Langewell RSTR_maps; CUP2022_x_Langewell RSTR_guestinfo; CUP2022_x_Langewell RSTR_signage; CUP2022_x_Langewell RSTR_waterrights; CUP2022_x_Langewell RSTR_tax-CoI-ID; CUP2022_x_Langewell RSTR_salestax; CUP2022_x_Langewell RSTR_detectors_exits

Mar10 Improvements_PH ords

Comments_RayNelson (related to Vested Rights as well as Langewell RSTR CUP) 

Regular Meeting Materials:

Nellis discussion docs:  Mar3Minor Subdivision

Julian RSTR CUP Renewal: CUP2022_x_Julian RSTR application

Fuller/Fogel Minor Lot subdivision: Fogel_Full Subdivisions_app;   Fogel_Full Subdivisions_narrativeFogel_Full Subdivisions_siteplanFogel_Full Subdivisions_platFogel_Full Subdivions_map;   Fogel_Full Subdivisions_tax;   Fogel_Full Subdivisions_titleinsurance

Audio Recording:

Approved Minutes:  minutes22_0310